Bubble Mix App Reviews

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If you don’t buy it, it crashes

I don’t like this game. It looked very fun and was ok, but there were some issues with the graphics and the gameplay itself. My biggest issue is with the asking about upgrading the game, and crashing when you don’t. That ruined the game for me.


This game crashes so often I dumped it.

Not A Happy Camper!

When I decided I no longer wanted this app, it won't let me delete & remove ir from my laptop. Needless to say,,,.I'm not a happy camper!!!


I couldn't finish the game because it kept asking me in the middle of the game to upgrade to the other version but i did not want to upgrade so i hit the "later" button and then the game quits on me.. if uonly wanna play or like 3 minutes its good for u but if not, dont get it.

fun game

simple, nice, fun.

Frequent crashes

It's odd that whenever the game prompts me to buy the full version (which it does frequently) and I decline, it crashes.


The Invasion game works great!

Doesnt work!!!!!!!

Just goes to a blank white screen


Crashed ………...


played it once then it crashed.

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